Celebrate All Saints Day

I believe the saints are our road map to heaven and they want their stories told!

Everyday Saints

Several years ago I began a portrait series of painting the people in my life. I painted a few spiritual heroes in my life. More recent, I took a 30 day challenge to finish these paintings, painting one per day for a month. This turned into a deep search into my soul and finding the saints that moved me the most. I believe the saints are our road map to heaven. Each one of us has a handful of saints that we can relate to. They possess certain virtues that we already have or that we are deely in need of.

This project is to inspire and help us dive deep into our own souls and find the saints or people that inspire us to be better, to make a differerence in our world and to transform us into saints so that we may all be in communion for all eternity. I believe these holy men and woman want heir stories told, to give us the way which is Christ Himself. Many of these saints were sinners just like us, and God gave them the grace to change and be courageous, to live the Gospel and be salt and light in this world. These are a few people/saints that influenced my life, especially the ones closest to me. My hope is that you may be moved to search for the spiritual influences in your life and help you to become an everyday saint.

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