Day 31 - Martha Butz

This is my final day of the challenge. This is Martha Butz my mom. Martha passed away in 2004 after a life long Lung condition. Breathing for her was a struggle her whole life and the last 20 years were especially hard. My mom was an over acheiver and she approached life with full force. For me she was one one of the most influential people in my life. She was an artist, and I always thought that I have the best traits of both my Mom and Dad. She was the one that at a young age saw some tallent in me and sent me to art class at the age of 8. We have always shared this interest and when I was at Art Center we shared the same studio. I have always felt that part of her was always living in me. When I graduated from College in 1994, my quote was "As an empty canvas waits before the painter, it thinks about the beauty that someday it will become… I am simply an empty Canvas and Jesus is the master painter and the Holy Spirit is the brush in which he paints." This is from "the Empty Canvas" by John Michael Talbot. I later discovered after she died that this too was her life song. I wasn't able to make her funeral because I was in emergency surgery, and my grieving process was cut short. I moved her art studio to Wisconsin, and the easel and desk that I use is her's. I feel like she has handed me the torch, and that she is the closest to me when I paint. There are so many ways that the people in heaven can reach us and show us they love us and for me this my painting. I really owe her everything, because without her I probably would not have been an artist. She is the person I dedicate my art too and my art is her legacy.

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